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Mikro led koppar ljus / rörlampor
Mikro led koppar ljus / rörlampor
Mikro led koppar ljus / rörlampor
Mikro led koppar ljus / rörlampor
Mikro led koppar ljus / rörlampor

Mikro led koppar ljus / rörlampor

Betalning Typ: T/T
Incoterm: FOB
Min. Beställ: 1000 Bag/Bags
Leverans Time: 15 dagar

Grundläggande information

    Modell nr: B302L-DU260C-A32

    certifiering: VDE, EMC, RoHS

    Kraft: 16-20W

    Utsläppande färg: Föränderlig

    Spänning: 36V

    IP-klassificering: IP44

Additional Info

    Märke: BLICK

    Transportfordon: Ocean

    Hemorten: Kina

    Certifikat: IATF 2016


The characteristics of the product
1, no welding point, not easy to break down, the line diameter is small, about 0.4MM (can make 0.8MM diameter) high flexibility, can moderately bend, make any shape. Lamp string authentication: ROSH certification and CE authentication
2, low power consumption, high efficiency, long life, easy installation, low maintenance rate, no breakable, high brightness, cold light source, long time lighting and easy to bend. High temperature resistant, waterproof IP65, green environmental color rich, low temperature, energy saving, high security, small and easy to carry and transport characteristics.
1. Features: light emitting LED copper wire torch 360 degrees, pervious to light quality, low power consumption, long service life and low heat advantages such as environmental protection, flexible tubes, are free to bend, winding on the modelling. Products are waterproof, energy saving features.

2. Specifications: transparent pipe;
LED Color: White warm, White, Amber, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Multicolor, RGB.
Power Supply: Battery box, Electronic, Transformer.
3. USES: can be used indoor & outdoor, LED copper wire light string not only applied to various festival holiday decoration Christmas lights, also used for household decoration (tubes can be wrapped around the arts and crafts, eaves, the corner...The icing on the cake, the city lighting project and various entertainment venues, all the shopping malls can wait.

More popular specifications are optional: Φ5MM,Φ7.5MM,Φ10MM,9.5*6MM(W*H)

LED color: White, Warm White, Amber,Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,MultiColor,Dual color,RGB
Power supply: Battery box, Electronic Transformer
Blick No. LED Light Effect Length
B301L-D065K-A05 65 STEADY 5M
B301L-DU130K-A26 130 STEADY 10M
B301L-E260K-A61 260 STEADY 20M
B301L-E390K-A27 390 STEADY 30M
B302L-DU065K-A05 65 CHASING 5M
B302L-DU130K-A26 130 CHASING 10M
B302L-E260K-A61 260 CHASING 20M
B302L-E390K-A27 390 CHASING 30M
B301L-D065C-A28 65 RGB 5M
B301L-DU130C-A29 130 RGB 10M
B301L-E260C-A62 260 RGB 20M
B301L-E390C-A30 390 RGB 30M
B302L-DU065C-A31 65 Dual Color 5M
B302L-DU130C-A32 130 Dual Color 10M
B302L-E260C-A63 260 Dual Color 20M
B302L-E390C-A33 390 Dual Color 30M

Produktkategorier : Micro Led Copper Light > Rörlampor

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